Just Call Me Daddy

It had been ten months since Adrian died, and Alice had thought of him very little lately. She barely thought of anything most days; things were easier that way. Most days were the same; coffee in her favorite cafe, some Montreal exploration, then work and usually a sexual conquest. They were no longer good fucks; in fact, Alice had decided that most men didn't know what they were doing.
On this particular day — April 10, 2014 — Alice was daydreaming, not something she often did anymore. She'd just finished her cup of coffee, pretty much the only thing she enjoyed lately; it took her a little longer because she was thinking about her lover the night before. She didn't normally refer to them as lovers, but this one was exceptional.
Alice was working like she did most nights when she saw him. She knew two things about college students - they spent about ninety percent of their disposable income on partying, and, they tipped well. Especially when she rubbed her voluptuous t…

The Runaways

They've been out on the street all night, in the rain. Most nights they stayed in a shelter, or found a nice dry place to hunker down. They enjoyed the nights being out under the stars... the sex was so amazing those nights... and, besides, shelters are so unsafe. Not tonight though; tonight they'll be soaked to the bone by morning. And fall rain is so unpleasant. Well, at least they have each other.
Jimmy and Alice met six months ago, in April, mid spring when it was getting a little warmer.
Perhaps met is not the right word to describe their first encounter. More like: six months earlier, in April, when Jimmy literally bumped into Alice, he took her right off her feet too. Not the typical way people meet; definitely not the typical way two people start a relationship.

Alice was always a good girl; she came from a functional home with a brother and sister, and her parents did whatever they could to make sure they were busy and happy. Alice worked hard in high school to ensu…

Beautiful Grotesque

"Wow, that is the best hit I've ev......."

"Quit fucking around."
"Are you okay?"
"No seriously, get the fuck up!"

He watched her intently, not knowing what to do; she wasn't breathing, foam spewing from her mouth. He didn't even know her name. He didn't know any of their names, not since Alice. What did he need names for? They just had to be pretty and curvy, intelligence didn't matter; and the last thing he wanted was an emotional connection.
"Wake up sleepy head. It's time to go."
"I love Saturdays with you, I wouldn't want anything else."
"Where are we going today?"
"Now that's a secret mommy."
"Well maybe you just want to stay in today."
"Hmmm, that sounds enticing; me, alone and naked all day with the sweetest, sexiest woman on the planet."
"But I've been planning this for so long, we gotta go mommy."

"What the fuck are you doing Mick…